Just set up my girlfriend's blog site in just over 30 minutes! (sleepynoo.com)

Thank-you Gandi.net.
Thank-you Amazon.
Thank-you Bitnami.
Thank-you Envato.
Thank-you Ghost.

The internet world is a different place thanks to you guys.

A bit more detail on how you can make a 30 minute website with the above services:

  1. Buy the domain from Gandi, you get 5 mailboxes included
  2. Set up an EC2 instance on Amazon. Choose the Ghost AMI by Bitnami from the AWS Marketplace. (You can also choose Wordpress or Drupal if you prefer)
  3. Get a snazzy theme off themeforest.net (Make sure it's for Ghost if you chose the Ghost AMI).
  4. Use Filezilla to upload the theme:

    • Go into Filezilla settings and select 'SFTP' from the left menu. You can then add a new Public Key.
    • you add the .pem file you got from Amazon for your EC2 instance and Filezilla will convert it to a ppk file.
    • You can then use the IP address as the domain name, SFTP as the protocol and 'ubuntu' as the username to connect to your site's filesystem. (No need for a password).
  5. Create a hosted zone using AWS 'Route 53'. You then just create an A Record with the public IP address of your EC2 instance.

  6. Your hosted zone will come with some DNS records (4 of them to be precise). Copy them.
  7. Go back into Gandi and under your domain settings you can modify the DNS records, inserting the ones you just copied.
  8. Your site should be ready to go - just need to populate the content...but with Ghost it's extremely easy!

Thanks for reading - any questions please let me know!