Creating this website

I wanted to make this blog like a diary for problems, discoveries and stuff like that in my line of work!
The creation of this site is a really good example of how I can do a great job of wasting time...
Basically it started as a Wordpress site as I already had experience in this area and I bought a really cool looking theme from ThemeForest! I was used to using TurnkeyLinux to set up a LAMP server but I wanted this one to be from scratch!

I found it really easy to setup wordpress using this guy's awesome tutorial:

But then I spent a couple of hours (probably more) trying to get ftp set up! I ended up struggling with two different services: vsftpd, proftpd and then back to vsftpd (re-creating my EC2 instance every time!)
Then the moment came where I discovered that an Ubuntu instance on EC2 comes with SFTP set up ALREADY!

Anyway, things were looking a lot better now until...
The Wordpress theme I bought was not actually a Wordpress theme! The theme was built for an alternative blogging solution called 'Ghost'. I could have just gone ahead and chosen a different theme but it may have been the cool name, the appeal of trying something new or that Ghost is built on Node.js (an area I wanted to start exploring) but I decided to terminate my EC2 instance (for about the fourth time) and try to install GHOST!

Well this wasn't as smooth as I hoped either - I set it up on the same style Ubuntu EC2 instance but came into errors when it came to running 'npm start' within my Ghost directory...give me a break!
Finally managed to get Ghost working using a free EC2 AMI from Bitnami...however I feel that these guys will probably get my money if they can help me avoid situations that I had already experienced setting up a measley BLOG SITE!!

So I finally had Ghost running, however, I did have to install an update. This was done using the documentation on the Ghost website except for one change: Instead of using 'service ghost restart', I had to use 'service bitnami restart' (because I was using the Bitnami AMI probably).

I also had to change the URL in the config.js file or my home links went to some random IP address

Anyway I really like the look of Ghost, using this has resulted in me learning about: Disqus and 'Less' (the new hotness in CSS world). If you are reading this, I hope that you can either get some good advice from what NOT TO DO in setting up a blog site...or just laugh at my pain.

Thanks either way.