MakeMind Logo design commentary

I always found it difficult to give good feedback on logo design that other people have done - I generally give positive feedback as long as it looks good.

I discovered recently though, that as soon as I imagined that it was my own logo that I would have to live with and stand by for a long time... I became a lot more critical.

This came about during my process of choosing a logo for MakeMind which to say the least was extremely drawn out and time consuming. couldn't post all of my initial sketches because there were just so many - but here are some of the concepts I explored and how I came to my final design. (It's not what you would expect).

Here are the concepts I started out with...

Face image

If you stretch your imagination, you'll see that the face is made from two M's. I liked this idea but my friends and family thought otherwise, it seemed a bit Max Brenner...

Blocky logo

...too much like MineCraft...

Brain sketches

I was quite attracted to the use of a brain but also including some form of dynamic that gives the impression of "click" - like when you are learning something and suddenly it "clicks"! Hence I tried implementing a brain with a clicking "mechanism" of sorts ... but this was going nowhere good.

I determined that the strongest concept was around the image of the brain so I took to the computer with this as my central visual theme.

I came up with some wacky brain based variations:

Brain concepts

Brain with crown

Pink brain with crown

(The crown is meant to show giving importance to your mind... a rather half minded idea now that I think about it...)

I eventually posted some of my mockups to thumb to get some quick feedback

Thumb responses

The feedback wasn't particularly positive and good thing it wasn't because I certainly not happy with the way the brain looks like a mysterious blob. The word based designs are certainl lacking as well.

I got really fed up with the brain imagery so I thought about brands that used animals for (seemingly) no significant reason such as MGM studios for instance. I really liked the appearance of barn owls and I thought there was a good connection with owls being perceived as wise creatures.

This idea gave way to a couple of interesting designs:

Owl logo

Owl with words

Owl with brain pattern in wings

So the Owl was pretty cool and I was close to settling with this ... but i'm glad i didn't!

So as my last ditch attempt - I jumped onto Fiverr to commission some logo designers to cheaply create some logos ideas for me. So I hired 3 of them and these are what they created...

  1. chathurangak


Not bad. But I have no idea what is going on with that 'M' perhaps one day I'll ask him to explain it to me...

  1. creativedesign4


I like the direction but the feedback from others was that it was too corporate for the type of business I was creating.

  1. dudeson


Wow...2 weeks later this beauty arrived. Finally this was a logo that was simple, looked cool and had the conceptual subject matter that I was hoping for.

Thank-you dudeson!! And thank-you for reading, I would love to get your opinion on whether I made the right choice of logo or not! I am still new to this logo selection process but I am enjoying every painstaking minute.