My laptop was stolen... so what?

My week in Melbourne got off to a great start - my laptop dissappeared from my bag (which I stupidly left in a church foyer).

A few years ago, this would have been absolutely devastating. Thankfully I have all of my data backed up on Dropbox, everything I work on lives inside my Dropbox folder with the exception of some sensitive info that is backed up on Tresorit.

Even though my laptop is password protected, I made sure to follow the steps here and I changed the passwords to my most important accounts (particularly the ones that trusted my computer to bypass two-factor authentication).

If 'Find My Mac' on OSX works anything like iOS as described in this thread then there is a good chance that even if the device is restored to factory settings, it can't be accessed and will trigger a lockdown once it enters internet connection.
UPDATE: I asked in the Apple Store and can confirm that this is correct!

I decided to give up the search for the laptop after a few days and then I had to look towards getting a new one...

My good friend had a very similar laptop to the one I lost that he was happy to sell to me! It had a broken screen but I was able to get this fixed up nicely thanks to the people at iExperts!

Now just a bit of time spent transferring off the old data from the laptop, setting up Apple Mail, downloading the applications I needed and resyncing my cloud backed files to this computer and I'm all set to get back to work!

Yes, losing my laptop was a big hassle for me but I am thankful that I haven't lost any important information and as far as I know, my information is secure.