If you need help with your new or existing mobile/web app - just send me an email: dev@jeremei.com

My team & I can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Native app development
  • Web app development
  • Backend intelligence
  • Server & database configuration

The app stack

To get your app up and running there can be a lot of things to consider such as the server, database and platform (not to mention cost!)

Below is a development stack that I recommend and can help you set up. It is designed to optimise:

  • performance
  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • efficiency

An image


This is a NoSQL database that is very cheap to run and sits outside of your server instances to remove the risk of data duplication. It's extremely easy to scale and you choose whether you need to boost it's read or write capabilities or both.


A server-side technology that is extremely efficient. It runs asynchronously so it can respond to many requests at once, getting more performance out of a smaller server.

Recently, AWS and Google have released their own micro-services platforms (Lambda and Cloud Functions respectively). These services behave as a computing server does but on a demand or event centric basis. This means that if the service isn't being used, you don't have to pay for it. Additionally the server scaling and maintennance doesn't need to be managed - no more running out of bandwidth!

Native application

Depending on your requirements, we can build an app to run on a website, iOS products, Android or Windows Phone. For maximum availability I suggest creating a web-app. For power and a smooth user experience you will want a native application. Native applications also allow you to create content for wearables and the notification center.

App showcase


Platform: Native iOS

Download: Apple App Store (Soon to be released)

Description: Stir is all about making conversations with your friends more fun. Connect to your existing Facebook friends and engage in anonymous group chats.

Knowing that you are safe within the realm of your existing friends, but being able to converse anonymously with them will introduce a whole new dynamic to the world of social media. "Who said that??", "Come on guys, roast me!", "Can you guess who I am?"

Stir Stir Stir Stir

Buffalo & Nak

Platform: Unity

Download: Apple App Store

Description: A children's storybook app that will test for learning disabilities. Find out more here., latest news: here., online test: latest news: here.

Buffalo & Nak Buffalo & Nak

Axon - Smartwatch learning

Platform: Xamarin

Download: Google Play Store

Description: Enter bites of information that you want to learn. Digest bites on your smart-watch and quiz yourself. Find out more here.


Impossible This

Platform: Native iOS

Download: Apple App Store (No longer available)

Description: Explore and watch a set of curated videos hosted on YouTube. You can either up- vote a video or down-vote it.

Impossible This Impossible This

iPaw Learning Land

Platform: Native iOS

Download: Apple App Store (No longer available)

Description: Create a customised pet critter and earn special bonuses by playing educational games.

Learning Land Learning Land

Foxtel Competition

Platform: Native iOS

Download: Enterprise app

Description: Used at the 2014 Bathurst V8 race to collect competition entries. Automatically pushes entries to the server. Customisable skins.


Sydney Basketball League

Platform: Titanium

Download: Enterprise app

Description: Used for the fast entry of Basketball scorekeeping data during the game.


Technical Experience

  • iOS: Xcode, Swift & Objective-C
  • Android & iOS development in Appcelerator Studio (Titanium)
  • AWS: DynamoDB, Lambda, EC2, S3, Route53
  • MEAN Stack: (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js)
  • Facebook Graph API
  • LAMP Stack: (Linux, Apache, PHP & MYSQL)
  • Front end web: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Marketing platforms: HasOffers, CAKE, Lyris
  • Web: JsonP, REST APIs, SOAP APIs & OATH2
  • ActionScript: V2 & V3
  • Version control: Git & Mercurial
  • CMS: WordPress, ModX, Ghost, Joomla, Drupal