The colours children!

I don't know about you but I write 'colors' now thanks to a career in programming...much to the dismay of my Australian friends and family (why people get so worked up about spelling I have no idea).

Today I'm choosing the colors for a new app. This app will be about learning so a well researched color(colour) scheme will be critical for a good user experience!

C'mon Google!

Look at these great pages I found :)

To summarize, it seems that each color has it's positive and negative effects. So here are the points that are probably the most relevent for my app...

White: - This is as neutral as you can get so I don't think that it's going to do me any favours. On the contrary, if it does have a nostalgic effect as the first article describes then it's highly likely to distract my users.

Green: - A relaxing color - takes you back to nature. Green apps that immediately come to mind are Evernote and iMessage, I also like it's use on the Node.js website. A nice rich green is used for these sites, mostly combined with grey which softens the Green and maximises it's calming qualities (I think...). However, is this what I want my app to achieve?

Blue: - For some reason I always gravitate towards a tourquise blue in my designs. I like it because it is bold yet calming...hypnotic. It's the color of web links, the color of buttons in iOS and it creates a feeling of trust and security. Apparently it's also meant to be calming so that's 2 to 1 against green!

Red: - A deep red fading into a dark navy blue is one of my favourite combinations (If you can't tell from my homepage). But this also can be quite causes a flare in emotions! Pinterest and Gmail uses red nicely - as does the app: 'Clear' or 'Reporter App'. It stands out against other icons in the app store.

Orange: - Orange has always seemed a bit childish to me - I still like it though. Nothing is better for activating your appetite. Combine it with a bright green and BAM! Instant "health conscious" fast food restaurant. From what I read, it has all of the distractions that yellow does but none of the positives...take that one off the shortlist. Definitely bit of a designy

Yellow: - A pale yellow can apparently increase concentration, creativity and best of all...happiness! Look, I have a yellow phone and I'm happier than ever:

Yellow phone

Yellow is at the top of both of the lists I looked at. According to them, yellow increases brain activity...tick!

Purple - None of the articles mentioned this one though! Best known as Mace Windu's lightsaber - I prefer a nice pale lavendar as opposed to full-on Cadbury purple. You may think Lavendar is a bit old fashioned, but isn't 'hipster' all about grandpa/grandma style??

Ok, it's time to get my hands dirty I think - BACK TO GOOGLE!

Grab a helpful tool...

I chose opportunity to try something new is an opportunity to waste more money on apps.

I like the idea of a pale yellow - however, not in the style of or Heaven forbid...JB-HIFI!


Yellow seems to combine well with a dark, sharp brown...but I'm going to try Navy (then I get the benefits of blue...I suppose)


The colors

Sitting uniform like that, they aren't too appealing, but lets put them into a Storyboard in XCode...

Yellow background


Looking better...?

But not more trustworthy...


Red is a good highlight but not good for text:


The yellow though is readability X 1,000,000

I think I may have found something I like...It's like Darth Vader with a patch of sunshine (that's 2 Star Wars references so far)


Different colors

Hang mum is an interior decorator and a color EXPERT - I'll ask her!

Mums help

She helped me choose some highlight colors for embeded diagrams that will be in the app.

Looks awesome - thanks mum!!

My final HEX codes:
Yellow: FFD978
Green: 66FFCC
Blue: 0080FF
Light blue: 1AFCFF
Pale yellow: FFEA61
Warm red: EE4D4C

...and the navy: 000638