Vision is more than just sight

2nd place for the 2015 ODMA Awards of Excellence

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Today MakeMind & Eyes2Learn launched 'Buffalo & Nak' - a children's storybook app about friendship and adventure that will not only entertain your kids but may change their lives forever.

The app is available for download at the below link:

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Learning is a part of life and even as adults we never stop using our eyes and ears to discover more about the world we live in. Our vision and visual cognition play a vital role in our ability to learn but for some children this is a challenge.

Everyone is different, hence - everyone learns differently and sometimes it's not the way our education system expects us to. A child's confidence can be severely damaged if they have trouble in school and this will affect their attitude and overall wellbeing.

Many parents might not be aware that children struggling with their learning can be assisted with visual therapy. Visual therapists teach kids to develop their strengths and unlock their potential.

But how do parents know whether their child requires professional attention?

Buffalo & Nak can help!

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Buffalo & Nak contains activities to test visual cognition for kids in stage 1 of primary school (Kindergarten & years 1 & 2). Instead of an optometrist's office, this screening test can be taken in the comforting home environment.

Cross the bridge

Based on the child's performance, the app will recommend the closest 3 behavioural optometrists who will be able to conduct a more conclusive test of their learning abilities.

Visual Discrimination

It is our hope that the many children who struggle with learning differences may have an opportunity to seek to treatment and live a happy and fruitful life!

If you are a parent or if you are interested in the area of visual therapy please download the app and tell me your thoughts.

Do you have a story about overcoming challenges at school? Please share in the comments section below!