I just wanted to share some plugins that have been useful for me over the last few months that I created for WordPress.

I'll give a brief description of each one - I've tested their functionality in production websites so they should be solid. Please let me know if you have trouble with any of these!

1. Postback tracking.

This has been made specifically for implementing postpack tracking into a WordPress site in a straightforward and painless way. It includes WooCommerce integration as well.
I have only tested this with HasOffers postback tracking links but the functionality should be the same. After activating the plugin - configure your tracking in the new section created under 'Settings'

Download postback tracking

2. GET master.

This is very handy for taking GET parameters from the URL and replacing them into the content of the page. I only have a maximum of 3 parameters at the moment - if for any reason you need more just send me a request :)
Configure this plugin from the 'Get master' section in Settings after activating.

Download GET master

3. SESSION master. This does the same thing as 'GET master' but it also saves the matching GET parameters so it can replace the text required anywhere else in the app. Good for passing SUB ID's from a landing URL to other places in the website.

Download SESSION master

4. Pagenumber UI.

Configure a set of pages in the newly created section under 'Settings' and they will have a page number display added to them based on the order you define.
This is handy if you are implementing a registration process in your website.
It changes appearance based on mobile/desktop screen size. You may need to implement some CSS to make sure that the placement is where you need it!

Download Pagenumber UI

5. Protocol align. Definitely one of my favourites - protocol align sets all of your external javascript, css and image assets to load through https/http (depending on the page URL) if available.
Really helpful when trying to resolve SSL warnings about insecure assets being loaded.

Download Protocol align